Why do some of us turn to veganism and not others? Interactive blog

How is it that for some of us it takes just one video or tv programme to change our lifestyle while others can watch the same and be completely unaffected?

For me it was one simple Utube video shared on Face book by a vegan activist. That one video turned me in a heartbeat.

I shared that video and don’t know one other person (personally) who turned vegan because of it. So what makes us so different?

To be fair, I was already vegetarian so I guess I was half way there already.

I originally became vegetarian due to a moment I had complaining to a vegetarian friend (quite stupidly, or in actual fact luckily, given that this moment was the start of a cruel free future for myself) about the rise of halal meat. I didn’t agree with halal meat and didnt appreciate my favourite food establishments switching my meat for halal meat.

My vegetarian friend very sensitively explained that I am basically a hypocrite due to the fact that all animals suffer. Not just the ones from halal slaughter houses.

I guess I already knew they suffered in a small sense but had told myself that it wasn’t alot.

So why do these posts and videos affect some of us to the point we turn vegan or even vegetarian and what makes others look away and forget?

Past experiences, childhoods, peers? I would assume all these factors play a part. So should we be compassionate to those who have lived lives whereby they don’t have the ability to see what we see?

How do you find a way to get these individuals to see the truth and show compassion themselves?

What was your turning point? Was it a big eureka moment or a slow process?

There is so much to be said on this subject, I would love to know your thoughts ….

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