We’re the Superior Species…..or are we?

I hear the argument “But we’re the superior species. Its the pecking order” alot when discussing veganism with non-vegans.

This always frustrates me. My fellow humans thinking that for some reason we are more superior and more important than other creatures on this earth.

What’s their evidence of this? Their answer is usually, that we live in houses and work and drive cars and create amazing and wonderful creations. We flew to the moon for god sake!

Yet firstly, some of the people who use this argument have not personally done all of these things. In fact some have done none of these things. So if this is the argument, shouldn’t it only be the case for those humans who have infact done it all?

Well the answer is that it is actually completely irrelevant whether we have or haven’t done these things.

We are a being that thinks we needs housing, cooked foods, clothing and ‘things’ to be healthy and happy. All these things destroy our landscape and polute our world as we know it.

Is that superior?

All other species need none of the above. They live in natutal habitats, eat what they need from natural sources. (no cooking necessary) (Except of course our pet breeds which are not natural and would die out without us and only exist because of us. Wow aren’t we clever creating breeds that rely soley on the human race to survive? )

Out of the two, I’d say All other animals v’s humans are in fact superior. They need nothing other than the natural world to survive happily. Yet we have destroyed their natural world, over populated their natural world and cornered them all in to what ever land we feel acceptable. We have stripped them of their natural rights, living space and freedom. All for our own selfish greed.

But the irony of all this is that in doing so we are destroying our own world, the air we breath and the life for future generations to come!

If we were that superior, surely we could have foreseen these consequences before hand and known what creations can be safely implemented and which ones can’t.

We have all the knowledge and tools at our finger tips yet still we are so primitive that we quite often have no idea what we’re actually doing!

It’s like letting a 2yr old lose in a sweet shop and telling them they can have as much as they like. So they eat it all until they are sick.

We are that 2yr old! We are so overcome by all the exciting inventions and under the deluded impression that somehow we are more deserving than other species that we take and take until we are left with nothing.

We’re all becoming more and more aware of this.

Now I’m not suggesting we give up our homes and start living among the woodlands stark naked eating only what we can find without cooking.

I’m merely suggesting that showing some compassion to animals as a whole rather than just taking because we can, is maybe a starting point all humans should consider instead of brushing it off with the “we’re superior” speech.

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