Living in a Parallel Universe to those in the Rat Race.

Do you ever have those days where you feel you’re living in a completely different universe to your old friends before home Ed and the rest of the traditional world?

The sun is shining and the Easter Holidays are finally over so off we go with friends and family for long days out at parks and tourist attractions. With packed lunches and cheap entry fees due to it being term time and the wonderful fact that so many places now offer Home Ed discounts on top!

We have most of these places to ourselves while the majority of children and adults in this country are at work or school and we count ourselves lucky that we get the lifestyle that we choose.

While I’m luckier than most, being self employed and working around my children, I appreciate every day I get to have fun in the sun with my kids with no bed time to rush back for or early mornings to race out for.

I live outside of the rat race. I avoid rush hour, as lets face it, no one sits in traffic if they dont have to!

I hear working parents who send their children to school say “ooh I don’t know how you do it!” And “I couldn’t do it, I don’t like my kids enough” and “How do you cope not getting a break?”

But what we get is so much more than time out without kids. We get to ENJOY our kids! We dont have to spend our evenings shouting at them to finish home work or rush around like a maniac getting them to school in the mornings, or cram every day out into packed weekends and school holidays when the prices rocket.

Being able to holiday either around the world or explore our own country during off peak season means we can afford to holiday more often and to places we couldn’t have otherwise afforded to go. No school fines for us and having now taken the children to many new countries I feel so blessed to be able to travel without the crowds and queues that so often go hand in hand.

When the rest of the world go back to school I breath a sigh of relief that we get to roam with our home Ed groups to uncrowded places on hot sunny days all the while knowing the rat race is in full force in an alternate universe that I am not a part of.

Happy Days!



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