Vegan meals for non vegan children

Being Vegan in the home with our families is one thing. We don’t have to think too much about being different from others….until our children ask can their friends come to tea.

I dont know how or if this affects anyone else, but I used to get into a blind panic the moment I said yes!

All of a sudden I feel the food i have isn’t good enough and panic that the parents will judge.

My experience of play dates is that of children having very child like meals together before the adults eat. Where as on a normal day we as a family all eat together and rarely have child like dinners. So I save these types of food as a treat for when they have friends.

So I now have my list of fail safe meals for children who come to tea and always make sure i stock up the freezer so that when I am asked, I can calmly say “yes, no problem” and mean it at the same time!

1.Nuggets, chips and beans.

2. Sausage, mash and beans.

We use Frys nuggets and sausages. The problem is they do more than one version so here is a guide to which ones non-vegan kids think are yummy and which ones they think are yuck!

I find shops such as Asda and Morrisons don’t always sell the yummy versions so shop around at Tesco and Sainsburys too. We shop online and alternate which shops we buy from week to week to make sure we are always stocked up with a variety of vegan goodies.

The best bit about shopping around is that all these supermarkets do a good offer on your first order so look online for the voucher code. For the first few weeks of shopping you will get big chunks off your shopping bill for free from the First Order voucher codes.

3. Hot dogs.

Again we use Frys. I haven’t found anyone who can tell the difference between these and meat hotdogs yet! (Although lets face it, thats probably because meat hotdogs never did have any meat in them to begin with!)

We buy these from Ocado/Waitrose as not all supermarkets sell them.

4. Linda McCartney vegetarian sausage rolls.(That are actually vegan)

These are great either as a snack or with a gravy meal. Perfect to swap what ever substitute the adults are having to these for the kids. Again they taste as good as the real thing and are sold in most supermarkets.

5. Quorn Southern fried chicken style vegan burgers.

Taste just like many chicken burgers

6. Frys Meat Free Traditional Burgers and Toffuti creamy smooth slices, cheddar style. These are too meaty for me as I’m not a fan of anything that reminds me of actual meat so they are great for non vegan visitors.

It goes without saying that you can add as much or as little vegetables or salad to these meals.

7. For lunch time snacks besides the usual sandwiches and crisps I also find ryvita thins with caramelised onion humous go down well, along with carrot and cucumber sticks.

Please feel free to share your children friendly meals. I’d love to hear what you choose.

Marie x

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