Simple Vegan pudding ideas for kids

As a mother of 4 children who were once meat and dairy eaters, I find i’m constantly looking for ways to prove to them that vegan foods taste just as good as dairy.

So we have been making a few of the kids favourite puddings ourselves.

1. Yoghurt Fruit corners.

The kids weren’t overly keen on the lumps of fruit in the original shop bought fruit corners anyway so this has ended up being even better than the original and very simple to make!

I just buy big tubs of Alpro Simply Plain soya yoghurt and mixed packs of frozen fruit such as peaches, mango and strawberries. But you can use any.

I blend up my fruits of choice along with some fresh banana and watermelon. Mix in a bit of warm apple squash which helps the frozen fruit to melt and there you have it. A fruit puree. I thicken it up with a small spoon of Alpro cherry yoggurt which gives it another sweet flavour. The best bit is you can blend it as much or as little as you like depending on whether your children like lumps or not.

I pour some plain yoghurt in a small pudding bowl along with some puree on the other side and the kids love it. And again you have more freedom if the kids love the fruit you can do half and half opposed to a small amount of fruit.

Depending on where your conscience stands with honey (I know theres a mix of feelings in the vegan community) You can drizzle a little honey on top. But certainly isnt necessary.

2. Brown Sugar fruit yogurt.

This one is great to do with the kids and very simple.

You can do individual bowls or one large bowl to share out.

First put a layer of Alpro Simply plain yoghurt then a layer of melted brown sugar. (To melt, put a teaspoon of water in to a pan and and add brown sugar as required. Stir constantly until melted) Pour on top of your yoghurt and leave to set in the fridge for 10 minutes. Whilst cooling cut up some grapes. Just in half. Green or purple or even both.

These then get layed on top of the brown sugar.

Repeat these steps until your bowl is full. Each layer being roughly 1cm.

The outcome is one sweet and delicious pudding!!

3. Fun Happy Face ice cream

Choose your vegan ice cream flavour.

Our favourites are Swedish Glace vanilla and strawberry ice creams. The strawberry is full of taste.

Then put a scoop or two in a bowl and we like to put this on a tray for each child. Along with an aray of toppings such as strawberries, bananas, vegan mini marshmallows, dark chocolate drops and a cone.

Again we have very happy customers.

4. Chocolate Fondue!

This is great fun and a family favourite.

We use kebab sticks for the adults and forks for the kids if we dont have any fondue sticks to hand.

There are plenty of vegan chocolate options out there now and especially around Easter!

Tesco do dairy free milk chocolate and white chocolate easter eggs which can be melted down in the microwave. Be sure to break the chocolate down in to small peices before melting.

We cut up strawberries, bananas, apples and buy vegan marshmallows. Rich tea bicuits are fun for making biscuit sandwiches too.

5. Fruit turnovers.

These are my 7 year olds favourite pudding. He can do most of it with ease and often asks if he can make them for pudding.

We use ready rolled puff pastry and cut them in to as many squares as we like. Some times we make large turnovers and other times we cut them smaller and make party sized mini turnovers.

We put a dollop of jam in the middle o each square. We often choose lots of flavours including lemon and apple too. The house favourite is apple and raspberry mixed.

Fold the pastry in half, corner to corner and press down at the sides and cook in the oven on 180° for approximately 13minutes.

Once cooled mix up and drizzle icing sugar over the top before eating.


I have plenty more easy to make vegan pudding plans so keep an eye out for more…. would love to hear feed back from anyone who tries our quick and simple puddings for their children.

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