Working from home with a 3yr old!

Anyone who tries working from home with a 3 (almost 4 yr old) will know what im talking about!

How much work can you actually get done with a child that age?

Well the answer is: Not alot!

Most of the day consists of..

“Mum can you play with me?”

“Mum look at this”

“Can you sit with me?”

“Can you dress this doll?”

“Mum I’m fiiinissshed!” (From the toilet seat)

“Can I do painting?”

“Can we bake a cake?”

The list goes on…

So as a dedicated mother who feels all the normal things such as guilt and….well mainly guilt.

I find myself trying the usual…

“Why dont i set your toys up in your bedroom for you?”

“Would you like to watch a film?” (I may get an hour to work if she agrees, is my thought process but who am i kidding? )

“Darling we’re not going to the shops today” (sad face staring back at me)

“Im not playing today darling, mummy really needs to work toady as we spent the last week playing and mummy still hasn’t got any work done.”

“I know! what about CBeebies!?” (With my best pretend excited face!)

But as always she wins….So I get short 5, maybe 15 minute bursts to work in between painting and dressing dolls and answering important life baffling questions such as “why is the house square?” Erm, I wasnt aware that it was square exactly so now to figure out what shes trying to ask and answer accordingly. Does she mean the square window? Or that the house is I suppose in some way cube shaped? Has she seen a square house in a book and this is what she’s remembering?

Well it doesn’t really matter because by the time I’m half way through stumbling a half intelligent answer together shes on to the next!….then, can I have lunch now?

Yes dear!

So shes finally sorted for a few minutes….the door bell goes, my older children are home and dumping bags and shoes in the hall and demanding “whats for dinner mum?” “Mum can my friends come over?” Not to mention the squabbling and arguing two boys aged 8 and 10 get up to.

My 3 yr old walks back in..”Mum have you finished work now?” (I haven’t actually started yet!)

Sigh, ill pack up and try again when they are in bed…if I dont fall asleep before them…again! 😃

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